Innovative Teaching Grants

Innovative Teaching Grant Applications — Make your innovative teaching idea a reality with a grant from the Dripping Springs Education Foundation!

The Dripping Springs Education Foundation exists to provide every teacher the opportunity to Reach Higher and Inspire others to do the same. One way we encourage this is through Innovative Teaching Grants.  These grants are YOUR OPPORTUNITY to develop new and innovative ways of teaching.

•  Grant Submission Deadline: 4 :00 pm, February 2, 2018

•  Grant Results Announced: May 18, and May 21, 2018

Innovative Teaching Grant Forms

2017-2018 Innovative Teaching Grant Application

Innovative  Teacher Grant FAQs

Innovative Teacher Grant End of Year Report

Innovative Teacher Grant Mid Year Report

The grants must enhance student academic performance and support the objectives, goals, and initiatives of the Campus Action Plan.

Past Funded Innovative Teaching Grants

Each year, the Dripping Springs Education Foundation ‘Prize Patrol’ surprises teachers across all DSISD schools with awards for Innovative Teaching Grants.

2016 ITG Winners

2015 ITG Winners

2014 ITG Winners