Student Leadership Grants, Dripping Springs Education Foundation
Student Leadership Grants, Dripping Springs Education Foundation
Student Leadership Grants, Dripping Springs Education Foundation
Student Leadership Grants, Dripping Springs Education Foundation


Student Leadership Grant (SLG)


Congratulations on taking the first step towards making your idea a reality with a Student Leadership Grant from the Dripping Springs Education Foundation (DSEF)! We are excited to continue our tradition of recognizing leadership among our students in the 2023-2024 school year!

Our Student Leadership Grants are all about empowering students like you to develop your leadership skills while making a difference in your school, community, or even the world. Together with your faculty sponsors, you can apply for these grants during the fall semester. Our committee, consisting of board members, community members, District personnel, and donors will carefully review all the applications, and we'll announce the winners in February.

Did you know in the 2022-2023 school year, DSEF awarded over $17,000 in grant money to students across the district! Your idea could be the next one to receive our support.

If you have a fantastic idea but need help shaping your plan, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to assist and can't wait to see the incredible projects you request.


Key Dates to Remember

August 1st: Student Leadership Grants Open (SLGs)

December 1st: SLG application Deadline- 4pm

February TBD: ITG "Paw-trol" & Awards announced



Account Creation

Student Leadership applications must be submitted via DSEF’s online grant portal. DSEF will no longer accept applications via email. All applications MUST be submitted through the portal.

  1. To access the grant portal, click the following link.
  2. Click “Create a New Account” and register with your DSISD email address.
  3. Complete Organization (your school) Information, User Information, and Password. You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been successfully created.

To learn more about navigating the grant management system to complete your application, please visit:

Site Access & Account Creation

For more information, please contact

Should you have any questions, please contact DSEF Board Member, Ben Ingram

2023 Student Leadership Grant Winners Announced!

This year, we awarded 12 amazing grants, totaling $17,716.40, to our incredible student leaders! Congratulations to all of our winners! We feature these grants in action on our social media channels and hope you'll follow along!

2022-23 Student Leadership Grant Winners by Campus and Project

Walnut Springs Elementary

• Birds of a Feather Lead Together
• First Aid per Grade
• Geography is Where It's At!
• Goooaaaaallll!
• Having a Ball at Recess
• The Publisher's Corner
• You Can't Have Plants if You Haven't Botany
• Goo Goo for Gaga
• Growing a Legacy
• Fountain for Youth

Dripping Springs High School

• Supplies for STEM outreach
• Unified Champions Accommodated Activities
Unified Champions Accommodated Activities

Unified Champions Accommodated Activities




Congratulations Kari Potter, her students wrote 10 SLGs that she is mentoring for a total of $14,690.00.

Congratulations Kari Potter, her students wrote 10 SLGs that she is mentoring for a total of $14,690.00.



FAQs about the Student Leadership Grant

What is the purpose of a Student Leadership Grant?

The Student Leadership Grant program aims to inspire students to become better community members through leadership. The committee's desire is to nurture "positive contributors to the world" by providing grant opportunities. DSEF's true goal is to foster leadership development among students as they work alongside their peers, ultimately creating a better community.

What kinds of projects will the Foundation fund through this program?

The Foundation is open to a wide range of ideas, big or small. Projects can improve educational processes, student life, health and safety on and off-campus, school facilities, the environment, peer advising, help the DS community, or support people in need locally or globally.

What type of projects will the Foundation not fund?

The Foundation will not fund projects that are not led or inspired by students. We want students to practice their leadership skills throughout the entire process. Grant reviewers are focused on the process and less on the product (although that part is pretty cool too!)

DSEF cannot fund projects that only aim to buy equipment, furniture, or general school supplies. 

Who will be reviewing the application for grants?

A committee of community leaders, including DSEF Board Members, District Personnel, Business Leaders, and invited Community Donors, will review all applications.

What happens if my request is not approved?

If your grant request is not approved, a member of the reviewing committee will contact you. It may be that the idea doesn't fit our support or needs some changes. Don't worry, you can try again during the next grant cycle. We recommend you ask for feedback to improve your project.

How much time does a sponsor need to spend on this?

The time a sponsor spends will depend on the project's uniqueness and the students' age group. Sponsors may be more involved with younger students and let older groups take on more active leadership roles. Please include how your sponsor will be involved in your application.

What if my completed project falls short of accomplishing my goals?

While we value the outcomes of the grants, we also emphasize the learning and growth process for students. We encourage students to try their best, even if everything doesn't go perfectly. What matters most is the opportunity to learn and show leadership.

I am helping with the application for an elementary student. Some of these questions seem geared toward middle or high school students.

The application is for everyone, and we understand some parts may be challenging. Feel free to seek help from teachers or faculty sponsors, but remember, it's essential for students to do most of the thinking for their projects.

Who handles the money for these grants?

If a project is approved, the Foundation will release the grant funding to the DSISD Business Office. From there the Business Office will disburse funds to each sponsor. The sponsor will manage the funds on behalf of the student leaders while adhering to the project's original plan.

When will the grant money be disbursed?

Grant money will be distributed once the winners are announced.

We want to thank the Foundation for our grant. What is the best way to recognize the contribution?

We appreciate your gratitude! You can share your project's progress and outcomes on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, tagging us @dsefnews. Send us pictures for our website and social media pages. Encourage friends and family to support the Foundation, and let businesses that support us know about your grant.

We value your success and want to publicly recognize your efforts!